Ryanair is offering incredible prices for this Black Friday. Check it out the Fares from Berlin to Milan,  22 € for 2,3 or 4 days trip.

Berlin, Germany

Milan, Italy

Eurotrip Style: 2,3 or 4 days

DATES: Available on dates in December, January and February.

Sample Dates:

Berl-Mil -> 29/11/2018 – 03/12/2018

Berl-Mil -> 05/12/2018 – 09/12/2018

Berl-Mil -> 06/12/2018 – 09/12/2018

Berl-Mil -> 06/12/2018 – 10/12/2018

Berl-Mil -> 13/12/2018 – 17/12/2018

Berl-Mil -> 14/12/2018 – 17/12/2018

Berl-Mil -> 14/12/2018 – 18/12/2018

Berl-Mil -> 07/01/2019 – 09/01/2019

Berl-Mil -> 07/01/2019 – 10/01/2019

Berl-Mil -> 07/01/2019 – 11/01/2019

Berl-Mil -> 09/01/2019 – 11/01/2019

Berl-Mil -> 09/01/2019 – 12/01/2019

Berl-Mil -> 09/01/2019 – 13/01/2019



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About the city:

Milan is a city located in the north of Italy and is the capital of the region Lombardy. It holds the title of the second most populous city in the whole of Italy after Rome, with the city having a population of 1.3 million people and the metropolitan area having a population of around 3.2 million people. The wider metropolitan is also frequently referred to as greater Milan and it is also known as a major footballing city being home to both Inter Milan and A.C. Milan who share a stadium called the San Siro, which is a popular attraction for both tourists and football fans alike.

The business district in Milan is home to Italy’s stock exchange and the city itself is a hub for industries such as art, commerce, design, education, entertainment, fashion and much more. It is one of the most popular destinations amongst tourists each year, with around 8 million visiting annually.

The museums and art galleries house globally sought-after pieces of art such as works by Leonardo Di Vinci. Amongst the other landmarks popular amongst visitors is the Sforza Castle. This was built in the 15th Century by the Duke of Milan, holding the title of one of the largest citadels in Europe during the 16th and 17th centuries.

The Galleria Vittorio Emmanuelle II, is one of Italy’s oldest active shopping malls and a popular tourist hotspot. This is housed within a four-story double arcade in the center of Milan and was constructed between the years of 1865 and 1867.

Other prominent landmarks include the Santa Marie delle Grazie which is a church which hosts the painting of Da Vinci’s ‘The Last Supper’ and was opened in 1497 and is built in a Gothic-Renaissance style architecture.

The Milan cathedral is the largest of its kind in Italy and the third largest in the world. It is dedicated to St. Mary of the Nativity and was completed in 1965 and at capacity can hold up to 40,000 worshippers. Tourists can also visit the roof of the cathedral by paying an admission fee and can see the craftsmanship behind some of the sculptures up close.


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