Ryanair, one of the most famous low-cost airlines in Europe, is offering excellent prices on the fares from Barcelona to Paris. You have many possible dates to visit one of the most romantic destinies in Europe. The prices start from 22 € but you can also find other dates for similar offers.

Barcelona, Spain

Paris, France

DATES: Availaible on trips during the beginning of December.

Sample Dates:

1st Dec – 6th Dec
4h Dec – 6th Dec
9th Dec – 13th Dec


About the city:

Paris is a definitely amongst the most beautiful cities in the world, a reality effortlessly refreshing on a walk that could yield one shocking view after another, from the famous Eiffel Tower to the Versailles Garden to the small and comfy bars and cafes blasting onto the walkways. Past the city’s visual interest, the social wealth of the French capital is magnificent. Regardless of whether you pick to visit the historical part of the city or enjoy the nightlife of Paris, one thing is sure: the City of Light will be always shining.

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